ELD, Eldorado update

Then and now;

eld b 6 june 2011eld jan 27 2013

Read the whole blog for a better insight. The stock was expected to go to $10, which it promptly did (there are 3 ways of counting that drop!). It than retraced, as expected, about 50% of that drop and is now , once again on the way down. This could be a b-wave in a much larger a-b-c  ultimately targeting about $17+. However, if you look at the big chart on the left, you will see that the stock had already been at $10 many years ago. If it drops below that it would imply overlap and would spell the end of the bull run for this stock for quite some time, a scenario we would favour in any case at this time simple because 5 waves down should never stand alone! Put in a stop-loss at $10.