NFLX, Netflix update

Then (a year ago) and now charts;

NFLX  feb 2012nflx jan 25 2013

If you read the actual blog from Feb, 2012 you will see that we expected the b-wave to go to about $90. In actuality it went to a little more than $50 to become irregular b-wave. The moon shot of the past few days, after an expected 13 cents loss turned out to be a 13 cent gain, should go a little further just to close the gap on the way down and to make a 62% retracement. This stock is a good example of why so many investors have fled the scene. This is total nonsense and only gamblers can play this stuff or very large professional outfits which is the same thing. We think this might be a sell again once it gets marginally above $200, a little further than we initially anticipated.