FSLR update

The usual then (a year ago) and now charts;

fslr apr 2012fslr apr 10 2013

And the text, quote

Last time we were ambivalent about this stock. Now, that is after loosing $300 out of $320, the stock might actually be ripe for a decent , however not without a tight stop. Potentially a bounce could double the value of this stock and given the recent news this might just be the right time.


Well we were about 40 days too early and $8 too high, but if you had followed this recommendation you would now have doubled your money! See detailed chart below;

fslr apr 10 2013 s

The stock hits the at the beginning of June, which is also where the breakout is. Some may argue that a tight stop was recommended. True, but even so one could have re-entered the position a number of times and more than doubled your gain. Next stop is probable $50.