CCO update

The usual then –Oct 15, 2012- and now charts;

cco oct 15 2012cco dec 22 2013

We have not looked at this stock for a while. If you had bought when we recommended doing so and did not get stopped out you are still up about 25%. We would step aside right here as it is not clear whether the next big move is up or down. Our bias now is to the downside, particularly if we take a look at the price of the stuff, uranium;

uranium pricecco dec 22 2013 b

In our opinion there was a bubble here and in nearly all cases the decline after the peak retraces right to the starting point or beyond, so $10 or so is entirely within the range of possibilities –(think Thorium, maybe). Also the B-wave is exceptionally clear which means a new low down the road.