AEM, Agnico Eagle Mines update.

As with Franco Nevada, Agnico Eagle Mines also sports a pretty good looking B-wave, however, it did so a few years ago so it might just tell us what could be in store for FNV;

AEM feb 15 2014AEM feb 15 2014 b

The count over all these years is by no means perfectly clear but the B-wave is. Also it is very clear that the C following the B can be extremely devastating. From roughly $90 to $25 is no fun if you happen to own it, particularly not if you own it as a hedge against inflation and/or a financial disaster. If the C wave is indeed a diagonal than it may not be over yet (see also previous blogs). By the way, you can click on this chart and move it side by side with FNV just to get a better feel for what might happen. I have no idea why these two stocks would be so out of phase with each other; AEM is more or less in tune with the rest of the gold stocks and FNV simple is not.