WPT, Westport Innovations update

The usual the – Sept. 26 , 2013 – and now charts;

wpt sept 26 2013wpt march 1 2014

At a time when natural gas was going at fire sale prices and when companies like Cat and Cummings were doing quite well, it was not at all clear why this stock should not participate to the upside as well. This is exactly where EW can be a great contributor to your investment success. It simple does not ask these questions and moves directly to what the market is telling you, albeit in rather cryptic terms. Our target was roughly $15 and we did remark that  it is sometimes impossible to foretell how short d and e waves can be. In this case the e is rather puny (in fact we would keep an open mind to discarding the triangle all together and opting for a slightly more compressed count, see below and previous posts).

wpt mar 1 2014 b

The point now is that we are approaching the point in time where the apex is directly above us ( late March?) and we will have some form of equality between the two down legs at around $15 or a little above that. Presently less than 1% of trucks and other heavy vehicles run on (compressed) natural gas. Savings for a standard heavy truck can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. In Europe you can buy these dual-fuel beasts right off the shelve, the biggest manufactures being DAF in Eindhoven , Holland. What are we waiting for??