TSX update

This brings us to the TSX;

tsx apr 30 2014

You will notice that at the bottom of the chart the TSX (or TSE) is trading at about 1000 points. Today it is at 14650 and rising everyday by roughly another 50/100 points. So it is about 14.6X as valuable as it was back in 1978. RDS.B was about $6 back then and is trading at $85 now, so that is 14.2X. The volatility of RDS is a little less than the TSE and the dividends are actually higher by a substantial margin. Furthermore the Dutch have managed their affaires much better than we have. If we have a dog like Nortel we hold on to it with our dear life and then loose our shirt. The Dutch with ABN-AMRO manage to get the Brits so excited that they get a bidding war going and buy the dog, right at the top, for almost 100% cash!

You can move the charts of RDS and the TSX next to each other and experience the similarities for all they are worth.