Petrobras and BTU

Petroleo Brasileiro SA Ord, BRPETR3 Advanced Chart - (SAO) BRPETR3, Petroleo _2014-11-30_07-29-11btu nov 30 2014

See a resemblance? On the left Petroleo Brasileiro SA and on the right BTU. BTU has a much nicer B-wave but otherwise both charts tell the same story and that story does not appear to be over yet. For a brief moment we thought BTU might already be a buy but it just kept going down. It is clear that both these stocks are a buy relative to where the stock price was a few years ago, after all that is what “sell high, buy low” is all about. However we may not be there yet. Stocks cannot trade at negative values but that does not mean that the companies involved may not have a negative value. This occurs , typically , when the costs of borrowings start to exceed the income generated. Before that actually happens the governments and or competitors step in to pick up the pieces. Looks like that day is not that far off.