TLM, update

The usual then – March 2013 – and now charts.

TLM march 8 2013tlm nov 2014

At the time TLM was about $11, it is now closer to $6. $5.63 would be a potentially reasonable target but there are no assurances as the longer term chart does not speak very loudly. The more detailed look is actually rather promising.

TLM nov 4 2014

On this chart the triangle is much clearer (potentially there are two). At the $6 level both the RSI and MACD are screaming “buy”. Proportionately it has dropped a same amount in the first part down from $24 to $10 as it now his from the top of the triangle at $14 to $6. In each case roughly 60%. The drop now exceeds the triangle measure AND it is occurring perpendicularly under one of the apexes. This stock should be a buy here or above $5.63