VET, Vermilion Energy update

VET dec 13 2014vet dec 13 2014 s

Vermilion Energy moved into our target zone but it did not follow the diagonal pattern possibility that was brought up (see purple lines). In order to do that it should have stopped dropping a little sooner. S here is a new plan B.

   There is a very clear triangle in the Bigchart and what is more, it is situated perfectly in the middle. This is normally a sure sign that we are having to do with a B-wave. However the total distance travelled is way too far to make that plausible. Therefore it has to be a 4th wave. Typically that is where the correction goes to. In this case we are already in the range but there seems to be one down leg still missing. So $42,93 might just be the number we are looking for.   This would stop wave A down and give us a solid rally, perhaps by as much as $15 or more. Then leg C should take the stock lower.