NLN, Neulion Inc. (on Toronto)

nln m jan 13 2015nln s jan 13 2015

This stock has part of its origins in Jump TV, a stock that I am also not familiar with. In any event it hit a of roughly 15 cents back in July of 2013. It is consequently reasonable to assume that some first wave started at that point. There are 3 simple things that must be taken into consideration when trying to get to an EW count.  1. Structure, you need 5 waves up or 3 down. Here it must ,of necessity, be up. Typically the wave 3 sits somewhere in the middle all though that is not always true. Simple, for starters, assume that it is. Here we show in green where the middle appears to be and than simple go equal distances from there.  2. Channel. Nearly always the whole thing channels well. Here shown in purple. 3. Extensions. This is often ignored but nearly always there is an extended wave, that is it is abnormally long. Often it is the 3 of 3 but in commodities it is frequently the 5th. This company is a mini Netflix and, arguable, not commodity related. Nevertheless it looks like wave 5, more precisely 5 of 5 is going to extend.

   If you do all that then a slightly higher high is still a possibility. A rough guesstimate would be about $1.53. If it is worth sticking around is a different matter.