BBD.B, Bombardier

bbd.b feb 12 2015 lbbd.b feb 12 2015 s

There are, reportedly, companies (as in banks) that are considered too big too fail. In Canada there is also a company too “ ne sais quoi” to fail. It is, par excellence, Bombardier. First of all it is a Quebec based, culturally French company with very few peers in its field, trains and planes. If Ottawa drops support for Bombardier it would invite succession of the belle province from the rest of Canada which would be economic disaster, or at least that seems to be the thinking.

Secondly we used to be big, or at least on the cutting edge of technology, with our very own Arrow. That project was abandoned in a disgraceful manner under pressure of the Americans. No politician would ever want to relive that event. Psychologically it is comparable to killing your only child. It just is not going to happen.

Ergo at $2.50 from oblivion this stock has to be a buy. As it happens that is also where the 25+-year trend line runs! RSI and MACD are also signalling a turn. From perspective we are not too sure but it could be a series of 1-2’s.