fslr feb 12 2015 log

fslr feb 12 2015 arith

We are not sure if there is indeed a triangle in the middle, the entire thing counts just as well as an a-b-c X a-b-c or double zig-zag. In any event a drop from $320 to $11 have all the attributes of a serious correction so there is no compelling reason to expect any further drop. So both the structure and the magnitude support the notion that we are in a new bull market. Wave 1 went from the of $11 to almost $75 and then drops to $39 in wave 2 (62%!). We are now in wave 3 which could go to $175 or so.

AAPL just bought $850mln. equipment from this company in order to create one of the largest solar installations in California. This should power all of AAPL’s  needs for the next X years. It is on grid so the local utility is part of the equation.