KORS, Michael Kors

kors may 2 2015 bkors may 5 2015 s

Two years ago, almost, this stock looked pretty at about $70 but then it did its own Mnt. Everest thing and climbed on to an even $100. Then it happened and we did not pay attention. Here we are a perfect Fibonacci $38 down from the peak and we have the same situation as with the previous blog of YUM , except here the stock is in a down trend instead of an up trend and the diagonal is a contracting rather than an expanding one. Waves 1 and 5 are also equal, both at about $15. This time we expect the stock to go up to about $78, for a gain of roughly $16 or 25%. Given that the wedge wave 5 took 4 to 5 months, one should expect a violent move up that takes 1/2 that time or less, perhaps even a few days only!

    A 63 out-of-the-money call option is quoted at $2 to $2.30. A little further out-of-the-money drops the price quite fast, but you get what you pay for. Again talk to your broker and do not let him tell you that options are a tool of the devil and way too dangerous. Change brokers!