OTC, Opentext update

The usual then, Jan. 2015, and now charts;

otc jan 28 2015 sOTC may 21 2015

Here again we had a wedge, possible also a thrust from a triangle. It looked like the top was in already in January but that , with the benefit of hindsight, was clearly wrong which often happens with these wedges as they should contain 3-wave legs but any two of those is itself also a 3-wave leg. In any event the harm was minimal as the stock only went a dollar or two higher. It would have allowed for a better exit. We still fully expect the stock to reach about $50, the base of the wedge (and the low of the triangle). Then after a solid rebound of $10+ another leg down should start. Wait for the rebound to sell if you have not done so. For those so inclined it should be a tradable bounce.