RGR, Sturm Ruger & Co

Last year Febr. when the stock was about $70, we had this to say about this company;

This is somewhat counter-intuitive. Pres. Obama does not like hand guns and would like to restrict them so people in the US decided to make hay while the sun still shined by buying 26 mln. during his first term. Just last year they added another 8.5 mln. This is completely contrary to the president’s intentions. In economics this is a phenomenon that is referred to as the J-curve. If it is a J-curve, things will soon go the other way. A drop to the low point of the triangle ($35) is a first target.

This is what happened;

RGR may 2 2015.

The actual low was at $33.90  Depending on how it gets there it looks like a sell again when it gets closer to $70 if we notice!