RDS.B finetuning.

rds.b june 05 2015

As we get closer it becomes easier to calibrate this stock. $56 seems to be the best spot to buy. The yield is 6.40% now so by the time it gets there that should be, at least, 6.6% At that rate your money doubles in less than 11 years. By  that time  Christine Lagarde  may well be head of the Fed., with rates still at zero. If a Canadian man can become the Governor of the Bank of England, why not a French woman the Chair of the Fed.? Unlike the Bank of England the Fed. is still a private company with just a few international investors, just like the Beer Store here in Canada. At least as far as Canada is concerned, that begs the question if free beer would stimulate the economy better than free money. Unfortunately, Keynes himself did not offer any guidance on this matter.