SUNE update

sune june 21 2015

May 10th at $28 and change this one looked well done. Today, 40 days later and about $2 higher it looks even better done. Perhaps, like the mythological figure of Icarus, this one is getting too close to the sun and is about to drop back to Earth. For the record we did suggest buying FSLR in April of 2012, but not this one having never even heard of it. So we missed the proverbial boat and , from here on, would prefer to keep missing it. As with the previous blog there may be a triangle around about $19. This could, if it actually exists be either a B or 4th wave triangle. We prefer the latter, partly because if the former applies the implications are far more bearish. So expect a drop back to at least $12.50. Our usual technical indicators, RSI and MACD are pointing in the same direction. See also CSIQ which we would have shorted, see previous blogs.