K, Kinross update

The usual then – 12 March, 2015 – and now charts;

k march 12 2015 sk july 31 2015

Wave 4 took a little longer but otherwise it is tracking the prediction perfectly. The old all time low was at $1.86. Our guess is that it will not go much further. We are assuming that this is a 5th wave. However, it is possible that it is not and that we are looking instead at an irregular b wave. Either way, the next move should be a bounce to, at least, $4.50. The irregular b-wave could drop to about $1.80 if equality between the two legs occurs. It is a double, the choice is yours.

See also our previous blog on how the big picture looks. Here it is again updated. It is on semi-log scale and all three legs, A,B and C will be equal as vectors.

K july 31 2015 b