LNKD, Linkedin

LNKD july 31 2015

This stock hasn’t been around that long, only about 4 years. From the lows it has managed to increase almost 5-fold with 50 to 100% swings just in the last year or so. Clearly the market has no idea what to make of it. Overnight the stock traded up $20 and then down $15 supposedly on the excellent numbers that were announced after the close. We suspect that the top was already in and that the stock will be leaving behind an “island”. Presently it is in a wave 2.

The company is touted by some as the next best thing since sliced bread. Personally I think it is one of the most annoying social media websites there is. Somehow they are able to determine who you have ever looked up anywhere on earth, and then invite you to become a friend without that person’s input or involvement. This is how some people you know to be anti-social and rather dim on top of that, end up with 400 friends and 20 different skill sets. It knows how to take advantage of people’s vanity and/or narcissistic personality disorders. It also allows those that are not your friends to pry into your life by rifling through your bio which you are free to embellish or fabricate if you wish to do so.