BLK, Blackrock

blk aug 14 2015blk aug 14 2015 m

Blackrock is one of the largest wealth management firms there is with nominal assets under management in the neighbourhood of 4 trillion or so. The EW labelling is pretty simple, there is either a large triangle wave 4 or a wave B. We prefer the first but point out that the consequences are the same for both. The thrust from the triangle fits the measure of it’ mouth, not precisely but close enough. The triangle might be one notch larger- wave 2 becomes wave e- and then it fits perfectly. The thrust itself (or of B) is a clean 5 wave affaire and, so far at least, the move down from the top is impulsive.

Needless to say, the potential for much lower prices is excellent. If this would indeed occur with a company that is presently doing so well in the ETF space, it is worrisome indeed for the market as a whole.