COS, Can Oil Sands update and TCK.B

Then 15th of April, 2015 and now charts,as usual;

COS apr 15 2015cos aug 28 2015

Not a bad prediction. The target was $5 and we hit $5.61 his is the stock that we warned would suffer from “stranded costs” at a time when that was not even remotely on the horizon. If you bought around the low you would have had a one day return near 20%. There are other stocks that have done similar percentages, as for instance .

We are never perfectly sure as our charts do not have sufficient resolution but even though we recognize that somewhere here this stock might be a buy in terms of buying low and selling high, we do not think the stock hit it’s low. As near as we can tell only waves 1. 2 and 3 of 5 are complete. This leaves one more wave down to a new low!

Here is TCK.B

TCK.B july 22 2015TCK.b aug 28 2015

In the text, see June 22 , 2015 blog we mention the possibility of this stock getting to $5, the actual low was $7.08. Coming from $65 this may well be enough. However, normally, if there is such a thing, the C wave should make a new low, that is below the 2009 low.