FM, First Quantum Minerals update

We start with the usual then, June 2011, and now charts;

fm oct 2015

At the time we observed the near perfect B wave that created the top in 2011. This called for the C wave to be next. Normally it should create a new low below the lows of A and it should develop in 5 clear waves. So far it has done neither. That low was at $2.70 on Dec. 5th, 2008 which is stock split adjusted. The low of $4.52 recently is close but we could still go lower but the long-term trend line may be hard to cross. There is also no clear 5 waves down. If anything there is a pretty clean a-b-c both up and down. This suggest, potentially at least that some sort of double zig-zag is forming. That would argue that there never was a B-wave and that the real or orthodox top is actually the one in 2011, not 2007.

The stock has doubled from the recent lows at $4.52, no doubt on massive short covering. The same has occurred with TCK.B but in both cases we would caution the investor/gambler that the bottom may not yet be in. Overcapacity is rampant and much is financed with borrowed money. Demand is scaled down considerable and there does not appear to be much improvement in the near future.. This is your classic hog-cycle which may take a little longer. In the mean time you have saved  nearly 80% of your money by not owning this stock.