LNKD update

Then, July 31, 2015, and now charts as usual;

LNKD july 31 2015lnkd feb 5 2016

Today you can tell your neighbour that you saved yourself $67 or 35% in just one day even before the opening. If he asks how tell him you read and follow this blog. If he then asks if it is expensive, tell him it is free, at least for now.

By the way; from the G&M

Of the 44 analysts surveyed by Reuters Estimates that cover LinkedIn Corp, the consensus rating is a buy. The rating changed on January 11, 2016 when it was upgraded from a hold.

Some things never change. At the time the stock was already down $80 or so from the peak of $276, had no earnings, a beta of 1.66 and so on. Break the line and there is only hot air.

The count works better as a large A-B-C, in fact the count shown has to be wrong if the top is where we think it is, in Feb. of 2015.