DSG, The Descartes System Group.

This company was one of the highflyers in the 2000 tech bubble. It is involved in making software for logistics. As far as I can tell there is no compelling reason to involve the French philosopher unless they too subscribe to the belief that everything should be discarded unless it is absolutely certain. Whatever, here are the charts;

dsg march 5 2016 mdsg mar 5 2016 s

I will happily yield to any other wave mapping than the ones shown in the charts. Even so I do expect a sizable correction to roughly $15 or so, the 4th wave of wave 3 on the way up. If this is a new bull market from the lows of 2004, than I would expect a much deeper correction, more along the the lines of the tech crash. Below is that chart;

dsg march 5 2016 b