FNV update

fnv july 4 2016

See our blog of exactly a month ago. In our estimation this 5th wave, which is a thrust from a triangle, should be complete at todays high. There is a throw-over, of about $3 already if you look at the action at about 12.30 pm. Similar peaks are forming on , for instance, Fortuna (FVI) , Detour (DGC) and above all Barrick which is now trading a hair shy of $29. See also FNV.WT, the warrants on this stock which are now going vertical.

    All of this is a little odd now that the whole world seems to think that Brexit is just a minor bump in the road, perhaps even a beneficial bump for both the UK and Europe. Perhaps this was just a fraternity prank that went a bit too far, but one that will not have consequences as papa, or his money, will bail out the boys. See Bullingdon club on the internet.