DOW continued

dow oct 6 2016

A day later and it still looks like a triangle. Normally they have an a-b-c-d-e structure but in certain cases they just go on for a little longer and add f--h-i , so 5 legs become 9 legs but the end result remains the same. With the second “debate” scheduled for Sunday and the proximity to the apex of this triangle one would expect something to happen on Monday, good for at least 450 points but possible more like 750. The position of this triangle marginally favours the downside but, again, this can go either way!

If this is a 4th wave triangle, we are presently probable in wave and only need to add h and i. These can be very short and then we get the upward explosion. This is what Clinton needs to win.  Trump of course, is hoping for the opposite move.