AC update from about two years ago, WJA

The usual then and now charts;

ac july 29 2015 bAC july 11 2017 b

So we got the drop from $15 to $5 pretty well  on target except that it did not quite get there stopping at about $7 instead. But we ignored the stock for the simple reason that we basically do not understand why anyone would want to own any airline stock!

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we are leaning towards discarding the original count all together. The peak at $15 was not the end of a 5-wave sequence, just the end of wave 3, or, alternatively, we were not even in a bull market and what we are looking at is actually an A-B-C for a larger B-wave counter-trend rally which now has reached the double top level and may, therefore be complete. Additionally the A and C sub parts are now equal at least in terms of gains in the stock, each at about $14. This stock should be sold here and now.

or Westjet is thrusting from some sort of triangle and may have a little more to go, perhaps up to $27 but it should then also be sold.

WJA july 11 2017