Dow again

dow dec 24 2018

My educated guess is that we are today at the midpoint of wave 3 of 3 which means that we are also at the midpoint of the whole thing, that is what will probable shape out to be wave A of a large A-B-C  correction or just wave A of a large triangle that itself starts with an A-B-C.  We closed at 21792 and started from a peak of, I believe, 26952 on Oct the 3d. so 5160 points so far. If this is the midpoint we should get about the same number of points below today‚Äôs level.  21792-5160=16632 which does not take into account a possible gap!

All the Trump gains in the stock market are now gone and I have no doubt that he and Mnuchin will be able to erase much of the rest as well.


Note ; wave 4 of A is more likely to be a zig-zag that goes much higher than the triangle shown. This because of alternation between waves 2 and 4. @ is a flat so 4 might become a zig-zag.