DW, Dundee Wealth Management

We first recommended this stock at about $5.75, then suggested a sale at about $9 and later again at $15, each time pointing out that the stock could go much higher. After all it had done an A-B-C “correction” from $22 to below $4, a big move but still a correction implying , at least the possibility of a new high. Always mindful of how painful it is to lose money we are always a little eager to take profits, perhaps too eager. The stock is being taken over at $21, here is the chart.

DW Nov 2010

It did drop by about $3 after reaching $15 and it did spend about 8 months in the dog house but in just the last few months it shot up by almost $9 to essentially double top. The important message that can be taken from this is that when you have a perfectly symmetrical A-B-C it is possible that the correction is the entire correction and not just part of it, so a new high is just around the corner. This pattern occurs frequently, see for instance Ivanhoe IVN and, arguable , General Electric, GE.

Dundee Wealth Management, DW Feb 2010.

DW feb 2010

First recommended in April of last year at about $6. If you have not sold yet do so now. This one has done exactly what one would have expected. It can , of course, go higher but that is nowhere as certain as what it has done the last year.

DW Dundee Wealth Man. Jan 11, 2010 The past, present and future

On Apr. 9, 2009 the prediction was that this stock would go up (see blog of that date), as per below;

dw april 9

Today we are here;

DW jan 11 2010

Tomorrow, who knows, so “When in doubt get out” . 

Granted that under the 30% rule you might already be out, but nevertheless the target was always about $15

DW Dundee Wealth, update sell.


I was late to recognize this one, it was around $5.75 and halfway I suggested it might well go above $9. The stock has reached that level and some and eventhough the ultimate target is still much higher I would step aside at this level. We may have completed a 5-wave move up from the second low and both the MACD and the RSI are at very high levels from which they can only fall. Nothing wrong with a 60% profit.