X , The Toronto Exchange

X Jan 26, 2010 X Jan 26 2010, 2

What better stock could there be other than the Toronto Stock Exchange itself. This used to be a little club of sorts that only went public in 2003. In late 2008 it peaks at about $56.50 , a fivefold + increase over a similar number of years (remember that in 2003 stock markets were quite depressed having dropped precipitously as a result of the tech meltdown). Then it drops to about $20 (very close to 61.8%) and starts a rebound which, so far at least has all the earmarks of a well formed B-wave that will soon retrace 61.8% (at $40) once again. By that time the c will , more or less,  be vector equal to the a within this B wave. The move after that will be the C wave of the larger correction and if it does what these waves so often do, it will equal the A and that would bring the stock to about $10. Not the end of the world by any means , just an 8/9 year round trip. but why go if you do not have to?