K , Kellogg

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Kellogg is in the process of double topping. It may already have made it’s high, or it may do so in the very near future. At best it could add a dollar or two to it’s value (to $58 ). In the past 5 years it may have spent 4/6 months all told at these lofty levels. My bet is that the next big move is down.


General Mills is in the same business, that is they put a little wheat and a lot of air in boxes of cornflakes and charge a fortune. The count I put on this chart is, obviously, incorrect. Given the enormous overlap this entire pattern would have to be an expanding diagonal (wedge), or wave 5 is not wave 5 but B. Whatever.  What is more interesting is that the upper trend-line has been reached 4 times already and each time the stock gains less and less. This one is done as well.