BLL, Ball Corporation

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I had the privilege a few moons ago to stay in Muncie , Indiana for the purpose of building a house with Habitat. Muncie is a university town right in the middle of the redneck USA. I was there during the July 4th celebrations and that way you got a chance to learn what America is all about, good and bad. Anyway it is here that this company chose to build it’s HQ. Very suitable considering they make canning jars among other things. As close as you can get to motherhood and apple pie.

The stock chart is a perfect example even if I must confess not “seeing” the 5 waves in 5 all that clearly. The channel line is as clear as a bell   and so is the first wave down followed by an a-b-c correction or rebound. It now has gone as far as it must and could stop any moment. Then wave 3 down should start. Ultimately the stock should see a new low.