YUM, Yum! Brands Inc.

yum 2012

This one is in the restaurant business. I have never been in one but judging by the name, it should be nice and the food yummie. I think it is a sell. Here is why; At the end of wave 3 the stock was worth roughly $40, assuming it started at the hypothetical zero level, waves 1 and 3 together added $40. Wave 5 is presently about to do the same, say at $62. This is a frequently recurring relationship. Next we are hitting the upper trend-line of a 7 or more year channel. 62 is ,of course a very nice Fibo number. Last but not least, with a p/e above 23 this one better keep growing at a handsome clip or something will give. I wish I owned it, and if I did I would sell at $61