STD, Banco Santander S.A. (American Deposit Receipts)

std may 2012std picture

This just happens to be the biggest bank in the Euro area. It gobbled up the likes of ABN-AMRO, albeit only briefly, and a whole slew of other banks or finance companies. Originally it hails from the Santander region of Spain. In terms of building headquarters these guys out spent most of the competitors.

When they say buy when there is blood in the street this is what they mean. The stock is trading at a P/E of 6.7 and yields 20.6% and it may just get a little better than that over the next few weeks. The magical number seems to be $4, and should it get there it will be the third time in less than ten years. Then when it bounces it moves quite impressively.

From an EW perspective the pattern is a large A-B- X A-B-C , which is simple an A-B-C, except that the details differ. Theoretically the ideal target would be $4 or a little below. Presently we are either in the 5th wave of a thrust out of a triangle (having already completed the triangle measurement), or we are in a “wedge” type of structure with very little left to go down. Today’s low, so far , was at $5.52 or about a single dollar above the lows. A buy at $4.50 would only be suitable for those that are willing to loose it all, but it is exactly those people that become rich.