ABT, Abbott Laboratories

Here again there is a then ( Jan. 5 2012) and now chart, for the big picture we refer to that blog;

abt s 2012abt jul 8 2012

Hard to tell but 1/2 year has gone by. The high , so far, is at $65, the calculated high at that time was about $69. There is the possibility that the “thrust” has already subdivided in 5 separate waves. Often these things peak perpendicularly above the apex, that would allow for a few more months. Looking at the big picture again,there does not seem much risk/reward left to stick around;

abt jul 8 2012 l

Using the various possible triangles and other metrics it is not very likely that this stock will trade above the $69, only 4 dollars away. as the first target is about $42, down $23 from here it works out to 4/23, a 17% chance of winning. Use a very tight stop or simple get out.