ATH, Athabasca Oil Sands Corp, update

More than two years ago we suggested that this was a buy.for a move from just under $11 to over $15. It did just that and then some. Now , much later it again looks like a buy;

ath 2012

Energy, and specifically oil sands are not necessarily the best place to be at these times, but this one does show some promise. It now has a triple bottom, completed 5-waves down from $19 and is sporting a gem of a contracting diagonal triangle, read wedge. Invariable these structures are retraced completely which would imply $14. 50% is at $14.50. Not much but still 25% or so with an extremely high probability. Here is more detail;

ath m 2012ath s 2012

You couldn’t really ask for more, a big one and a small one, fractals of each other within one structure. Awesome, this should really climb to $14 but it might drop a little further before it does so.