ALA, Altagas Income Ltd.

ala 2012ala 2012s

Curious ticker! This company is in the generating, storage, transmission and distribution business for gas but also electricity. Essentially it is a utility. The stock lost about 1/2 of its value during the 2008 debacle and has since regained that value and then some. It has double topped and looks like it might try to go higher in a 5th wave, which could go as far as $34/$37 depending what one bases the expectation on. These guys are from Alberta, the no nonsense plainspoken cowboy types as one can readily tell from their admirable mission statement;

ala mission

They choose their words carefully even if that cannot be said for their ticker symbol. They are very circumspect in this exercise , distinguishing between wanting and needing and expecting  and deserving. Notice that the most dour of the four verbs is reserved for the shareholders, you will not get what you want, what you need or what you expect, just what you deserve! Could it be that they can see into the future??

Put in a stop-loss at $28 and sell at $34 and you will get what you expect.