RIM , update

RIM oct 2012

Fortunately we recommended an exit a few blogs ago. The stock is now, once again at tempting levels. The stock has now dropped proportionally even more than it had back in 2000/2001, the big tech wreck. Otherwise the action now is pretty well a repeat of what happened then which, of course , is the main characteristic of fractals . As vectors go the A and C in the chart are now equal, which then becomes a function of the sharpness of the pencil that you use.  If history does repeat the stock should muddle along the bottom for a little while and then shoot up, not necessarily the way it did last time but at least for a good rebound.   If you are one of those people that knew it was a buy at $6, and to this day still lament the fact that you could not do it, I am talking about Apple of course, here is a second chance, perhaps.