F, Ford update

f 7 nov 2014

We doubt that Ford will once again go as as $8 or less (see previous blogs). For one, we heard on BNN that Ford was the only US auto manufacturer that had made it through the great recession because it has a split share structure giving the “family” greater than normal control. Perhaps.

Secondly ,we heard that the Dept. of Motor vehicles and Measurements (DMM) under the very able stewardship of no other than Mrs. Dee Lusion, has taken a page out of book and is planning to reduce the length of a US mile by about 20%. This will have the salutary effect of increasing the fuel consumption/mileage of US vehicles by a similar percentage, increasing their demand proportionately. Ford may even contemplate changing the name of the ubiquitous F150 to F120 in recognition of this achievement. Canada is not expected to benefit as it has gone metric a long time ago.