COS, Canadian Oil Sands, update

The usual then – Dec. 4 , 2014 – and now charts. (do look at that blog!)

cos dec 4 2014 scos feb 2 2015

We expected this stock to drop to about $7 at the end of wave 3. We were wrong by a dollar, it got to $6 on Jan. 30, 2015. That was more or less based on the gap-in-the-middle concept for wave 3. Now that every prognosticator has hedged his bets by stating that they would not be surprised if dropped to $20 or whatever, you knew things were about to turn around ( see also that got to within $2or $3 of our target of $59). COS will be taken up to a level that should at the very least close the gap, that is >$13. This is wave 4 in the large C wave down, so enjoy the ride – it should take the form of an a-b-c – and get out in time as wave 5 should take it down again to a level of only a few dollars.