BAA, Banro update

baa jun 23 l 2015baa jun 23 2015

Banro looks just like the others, VALE, BTU, WLT and so on, however if you change the scale to semi-log you get a much better, and in this case, positive result. Previous blogs are incorrect as I did not go back far enough in time. Here a clear A-B-C emerges which is a completed correction. Typically they go out of business at the low point of C, however if they manage to find their composure, there is a reasonable probability that a new bull has started. This thing went from $17.00 to 13 cents so if you ever liked it you must like it at these levels. From the lows we broke out of the channel and quickly tripled the price, this looks like wave 1. Wave 2 should take back 15 to 20 cents and then wave 3 should start.