DC.A, Dundee Corp.

dundee mar 8 2016 bdundee mar 8 2016 s

For some the wealth management business has been a little underwhelming. Clearly something is not working out the way their own management had hoped. Their have been a number of changes at this company and I am not sure where or what it is right now. However, from an EW perspective we could be in a 4th wave (triangle) which points to about $2.50. The correction could be complete at that point and , for that reason, the stock would be a buy.

Last time there was an opportunity to make 10x your money in 4/5 years was nine years ago. This may be another such opportunity though I doubt that it would be that rewarding. Nevertheless, a double or triple is possible if the stock simple rises to the highest point in the triangle (if that is what it is). Luck favours the brave! And spring is around the corner.

See also CF, Canaccord Financial.