TCK.B update

About two weeks ago we recommended selling this stock at $11. To date it has not (yet) reached that level, but did trade at $10,95 last Friday.

tck mar 6 2016

You should be long this stock at a price of $5 or even better, so you are presently looking at a gain of, just shy of 120%. You should put in a market order and sell this coming Monday morning. The stock has done very well the past few months but has reached and exceeded the level of the 4th wave of previous degree. The RSI and MACD are close to peaking and a deep wave 2 down is a very real possibility from this point. This could retrace a good part or even almost all of the recent gains.

The buy-and-hold crowd never gives it any thought but the reality is that selling is the more important action, not buying. I have met a lot of poorer people that followed the buy-and-hold adage, but have yet to meet the person that became poorer taking a profit. Furthermore, with a little bit of luck you might be able to buy this back at $7.5 or lower!

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