GLD, S&P Goldshares ETF update

gld mar 31 2016

The GLD has behaved even more poorly then the XAU, perhaps because it is, I think, an ETF that primarily holds gold itself despite the name. Because the was pretty well at 100,  we are presently up only 15% or 1.15x. The very distinct triangle suggests that that is a fourth wave so, if anything, this chart confirms the notion that the initial leg down from the top was a 5-wave sequence for a wave A. We are now halfway in the B. Then C goes down to new lows. $137 is a reasonable target for the B wave in this ETF.

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Note that this is the largest goldfund in the World at 34 billion today. By comparison, the supposedly depressed price of AAPL stock still gives it a market cap of 550 billion.