VRX, update

vrxaug 9 2016

We recommended buying this stock on the 23d of June when it was at about $27. Tentatively! It dropped almost to $24 so there were opportunities galore to buy it a little cheaper. Our outlook then was for this stock to go to , at least, $50, that is where the 4th wave of previous degree seems to be and a normal target fro either a bounce or an initial move in a new bull.

The average for 11 “analysts” is, by the way Us$37.5 which, once converted, is about $50 as well. At $40 you will have a gain of about 50%, not for a few weeks. $50 is definitely within reach. Considering that this stock peaked at around $350 a “conservative” target for a b-wave in a very large correction, would be around $151. The choice is yours.